RSPCA Short Tails

Living Ruff – Part 1

What do you do when your pet, your best friend, is suffering and you simply can’t afford the vet treatment to ease her pain? That was the dilemma facing Andrew and his beloved cat Tigga, whom he had rescued as a kitten. Luckily for both of them, Andrew came across RSPCA’s Living Ruff program, through which he was able to provide Tigga with the care she needed, without the added stress of huge vet bills.

Living Ruff is one of RSPCA NSW’s community programs, helping homeless pets and their people remain together while they get back on their feet, and to be as healthy and happy as they can be. These include distributing food for pets through our charity partners, providing emergency boarding for pets, and access to veterinary services.

Stay tuned to Short Tails to see the rest of Andrew’s story next week.