RSPCA Short Tails

Fee Free Friday

Helping people help animals is the core theme behind everything RSPCA NSW does. But sometimes, even though they love their pets, some people aren’t in a position to give their animals the care they need.

So we visit lower-income or disadvantaged areas to provide services to ensure that community’s pets are healthy. One example is our recent Fee Free Friday in the Hunter region, where we vaccinated over 250 dogs, and vet-checked and microchipped many others for free.  One of the reasons we chose this area was because there have been record outbreaks of parvovirus there, so it was vital that we vaccinate as many dogs as possible against this fatal illness.

Judging by the number of people who attend our community days, RSPCA’s support is appreciated, just as we appreciate that so many people want to do the right thing by their pets. And we’re sure the pets would thank everyone involved too.

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