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Week 52

That’s a wrap!

For the last 52 weeks you’ve seen a snapshot of a year at the RSPCA. Hopefully you’ve smiled, laughed, been moved and perhaps shed a tear or two. On behalf […]

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Week 52

That’s a wrap!

For the last 52 weeks you’ve seen a snapshot of a year at the RSPCA. Hopefully you’ve smiled, laughed, been moved and perhaps shed a tear or two. On behalf […]


Week 50


2014 has been a big year of rescues, rehabilitations and rewarding new lives for the animals of New South Wales. Thanks to your support, our Inspectors continue to rescue, our […]


Week 48

Puppy Love

Our foster carers received an urgent call for help with a litter of high-need puppies, only days old. Unfortunately they came into the shelter without their mum, and needed round […]


Week 46

Bonnie the Goat

When Bonnie the goat came into the shelter, she was underweight, malnourished and in need of round-the-clock care. Thankfully, one of our dedicated foster carers stepped forward and took on […]


Week 44

Kitten Season

Did you know that from just two undesexed cats, they and their litters could go on to produce up to 20,000 more cats in just two years? Kitten season is […]


Week 42

Ollie’s Guardian Angel

Introducing the brave, sweet-natured Ollie, a Staffy cross who didn’t have the best start in life. He came to the RSPCA as a stray with a severe skin condition called […]


Week 40

Dora’s Journey

Our Inspectors received an urgent call for help and arrived to find Dora the goat had been shot by an arrow. Someone had driven past her paddock, fired an arrow […]


Week 38

Mythbusters Part 2

One of the incorrectly held beliefs about the RSPCA is that animals in our care have a ‘time limit’. This is simply not the case and we take pride in […]


Week 36

School Holiday Program – Part 2

Lots of kids will say they want to work with animals when they grow up, but when it is time to make a serious decision about a possible career, nothing […]


Week 34

Pets at Northcott

One of the benefits of owning pets, especially dogs, is that they help you connect with other people. Pets at Northcott is a great example of this. Run by the […]


Week 32


They may have a reputation for being stubborn, but you can’t deny these three donkeys are pretty cute. Their original owners used to breed and show the Irish/English donkeys, but […]


Week 30

Fee Free Friday

Helping people help animals is the core theme behind everything RSPCA NSW does. But sometimes, even though they love their pets, some people aren’t in a position to give their […]


Week 28

Cupcake Day for the RSPCA

Cupcake Day is one of the RSPCA’s major fundraising events. Last year around 2,000 people in NSW alone registered to bake cupcakes to help fight animal cruelty. There are several […]


Week 26

National Desexing Month

How often have you heard the excuses? It will change my pet’s personality. My pet will gain weight. It’s good for her to have one litter. It’s too expensive. These […]


Week 23

Angel and Wes

Angel came to the shelter with broken legs and burns to her face. She needed a quiet place to rest during the rehabilitation. Wes came to the shelter as feral […]


Week 21

Community Animal Welfare Scheme South West Sydney (CAWS SWS)

Sometimes people know what it takes to be a responsible pet owner — desexing, vaccinations, mircrochipping — but can’t afford it. And sometimes people simply aren’t aware of how taking […]


Week 19

A day at Million Paws Walk

The biggest doggy day out in the country is over for another year. This year we ‘tailed’ supporters James, MJ and their pups San and Churro as they took part […]


Week 17

A Day in the Life of an Animal Attendant

Ever wondered what an Animal Attendant does on a day-to-day basis? An Animal Attendant’s daily tasks range from cleaning the kennels, preparing meals, checking the health of the animals, recording […]


Week 15

Million Paws Walk

Get ready to pound the pavement with your excited pooch and help raise funds to fight animal cruelty. Million Paws Walk is RSPCA’s biggest fundraiser. On Sunday May 18, over […]


Week 13

Vet Services

Jazzy had been looking for a home when she was adopted from the Sydney Shelter by Margaret and her family. When Jazzy was diagnosed with cancer and needed ongoing care, […]


Week 12

Centre for Learning

Education is pivotal to our vision of preventing cruelty to animals. We believe if we can prevent cruelty before it happens through education, then we stand a better chance of […]


Week 10

Drive for Lives

Sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time, and this can especially be the case for animals up for adoption.


Week 8

Josh and Coco

Shelters can be overwhelming places for some animals, especially new mums. So when Coco gave birth to Josh in the shelter, she and her pup were welcomed into the home […]


Week 6

Living Ruff – Part 1

What do you do when your pet, your best friend, is suffering and you simply can’t afford the vet treatment to ease her pain? That was the dilemma facing Andrew […]


Week 4

Care Centres

Many people avoid going to shelters because they find it too confronting – the amount of animals available can be overwhelming and many people feel bad for not being able […]

Short Tails - Week 2

Week 2

Dogs Die in Hot Cars

Every year RSPCA NSW reminds people not to leave dogs, or any animal, unattended in vehicles yet as soon as the weather warms up, the calls start pouring in.

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Week 51

Puppy Rescue

Left on a balcony with barely any food or fresh water, these two Rhodesian Ridgeback pups weighed barely more than a kitten. Thanks to a neighbour lodging a report, Inspector […]


Week 49

Santa Paws

You better not scratch, you better not whine. You better not bark, I’m telling you why. Santa Paws is coming to town! Our pets are just as important to us […]


Week 47

RSPCA Guardian Angels

Every year thousands of animals turn to the RSPCA for help during the festive season. It’s heartbreaking and costly. That’s why we turn to compassionate people like you to contribute […]


Week 45

RSPCA NSW Community Outreach Programs

In a bid to reduce the number of unwanted companion animals in the regional parts of Australia and to improve their overall health, RSPCA NSW desexed, vaccinated and microchipped as […]


Week 43

Dog Rehabilitation Program

Dogs with behavioural problems are given every chance at rehabilitation at RSPCA NSW. One of our programs include placing the dogs with selected minimum security inmates at the John Morony […]

photo 5

Week 41

Tricks for Treats

Tricks for Treats is RSPCA NSW’s annual call for rewards and amusement for the animals in its care while they wait for their furever families. Everyone is encouraged to donate […]


Week 39

Reigning Cats and Dogs

Last weekend we celebrated Reigning Cats & Dogs, a weekend festival celebrating the joys of cat and dog ownership. Celebrating World Animal Day, the festival was held at Bicentennial Park, […]


Week 37

Mythbusters Part 1

Often people think of the RSPCA as a government-funded agency or a revenue-generating corporation whose sole purpose is seizing animals and profiting from adoptions. This couldn’t be further from the […]


Week 35

School Holiday Program – Part 1

What kid doesn’t love animals? And what parent doesn’t love a way to entertain their children in the school holidays? RSPCA NSW’s School Holiday Program gives kids aged eight to […]


Week 33

Education School Visits

Education is the most important tool we have when it comes to improving the welfare of our animals. Often people simply don’t know the right way to look after their […]


Week 31

City2Surf and Team RSPCA

Each year tens of thousands of runners and walkers support causes dear to them by pounding the pavement as part of the Sydney City2Surf. This year, a dedicated group of […]


Week 29


Each year RSPCA NSW opens its doors to around 1,000 livestock animals, and that’s not including horses. Some are definitely cuter than others (of course they all get the same […]


Week 27

Animal Management in Rural & Remote Indigenous Communities (AMRRIC)

Educating people about animal welfare can lead to significant positive change...


Week 25

Thank you!

As we say good bye to the end of the financial year, we’d like to thank all our supporters, volunteers, staff and friends.  From all creatures great and small who’ve […]

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Week 22

Corporate Support

Being a good corporate citizen is more than just lip service for organisations these days, with many companies offering their employees the chance to take time out from their normal […]


Week 20

Marty and Ollie

Marty and Ollie are best buddies and brothers. They came to us as kittens. They’ve had a few medical problems which needed our vets attention. Marty has some sight issues […]


Week 18

Daisy’s Legacy of Love

People often ask RSPCA staff how they do it. How do we keep going when you can’t save them all? We do it because there’s always hope. Daisy was a […]


Week 16

Inspector Cases

RSPCA receives over 14,000 cruelty complaints a year. This keeps our small but dedicated call centre extremely busy. It also puts pressure on the 32 Inspectors located around the state […]


Week 14


When you visit the RSPCA, you’ll find a wide variety of animals including bunnies! And this Easter, our rabbits at the Sydney Shelter will be hopping and playing in new […]


Week 24


Just as in a young child, bad behaviour often indicates another problem. For Hurley, a Great Dane Staffordshire Terrier crossbreed puppy who was surrendered to the RSPCA, many of his […]


Week 11

Community Events

Buying animal welfare-friendly products for your table can be tricky – what does ‘cage-free’ really mean anyway? The easiest way to tell whether the products you are buying really do […]


Week 9

Neighbour Aid Pets

Pets can be wonderful therapy – just ask any pet owner how much better they feel when their pet is around.  And just because you are frail-aged or disabled doesn’t […]


Week 7

Living Ruff – Part 2

When the time came to let Tigga go, Andrew was devastated, but he was also grateful that RSPCA’s Living Ruff program had made the process much less painful for him. […]


Week 5


Petbarn and RSPCA work together to help increase rehoming opportunities for RSPCA animals.  In NSW, 12 Petbarns have helped to rehome almost 1,000 animals in the last eighteen months; the […]


Week 3

Foster Care

Our wonderful Foster Carers say they find incredible rewards from being part of the foster care process that gives so many animals a second chance.

Short Tails - Week 1

Week 1

RSPCA NSW Short Tails

This is week one of what we hope will be a wonderful 52-week journey. Over the next year, you’ll get to know many of the staff and animals at the RSPCA.